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Private eye Roland Drake cracks cases and romances femme fatales, while corrupt cops rule the underworld of the city and moral lines are. Please enable your VPN when downloading torrents. If you torrent without a VPN, your ISP can see that you're torrenting and may throttle.


Numere fatale download torrent

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numere fatale download torrent

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EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Florencio Constantino, ten. Verdi - "Otello": 4 Niun mi tema. Meyerbeer - "L 'Africana": 4 O Paradiso. Meyerbeer - "Huguenots": 1 Bianca al par. Verdi - "Luise Miller": 2 Quando le sere al placido.

Verdi - "Forza del destino": 3 Urna fatale. Massenet - "Le Cid": 3 O Souverain! O Juge! Thomas - "Mignon": 2 Je suis Titania. Verdi - "Forza del destino": 2 Madre pietosa vergine. There are no reviews yet. Lara Robinson Abby as Abby …. Maloney The Stranger as The Stranger. Nadia Townsend Grace as Grace.

Adrienne Pickering Allison as Allison. Gareth Yuen Donald as Donald. Liam Hemsworth Spencer as Spencer. Alex Proyas. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia The school in the movie is William Dawes Elementary. William Dawes was one of the riders who, like Paul Revere, warned the minutemen that British troops were coming, just as a child at his namesake school was trying to warn people what was coming.

Goofs When the police and teachers go searching for Lucinda in the school at night, they all use flashlights. They could have easily put the lights on instead, as nothing indicates a power outage. Quotes John Koestler : I found evidence of a series of super-flares from a star in the outer-Pleiades's region.

Soundtracks The Planets: Op. User reviews Review. Top review. Alex Proyas's doomsday piece boasts a chock full of interesting concepts and sleek special effects to make up its fundamentally flawed climax. This science-fiction thrill piece starring Nicolas Cage in the protagonist role is a film blooming with brainy concepts on science and religion, while hanging over apocalyptic themes that pay reminiscence of other end-of-the-world flicks like 'Left Behind'.

After all, the key figure in the story is revolves around what appears be a biblical prophecy, although the spiritial theme only serves as a small undertone here rather than driving the storyline. Director Alex Proyas, the father of projects such as 'Dark City' and 'I, Robot', exhibits his grandeur of visual stimulating style that manages to triumph over its compelling, if somewhat flawed plot. Proyas is successful at making the thought-provoking ideas work, even if they are occasionally little rocky.

The only major flaw is lies in the final act that borders on the line of preposterous. It is not a groundbreaking piece of work for the genre, but it is just enough to warrant for a sweet recommendation. This film opens up in , at an elementary school where children are given the assignment to draw pictures of what society will like fifty years from that time.

One girl, Lucinda Embrey played by Lara Robinson , draws a long series of seemingly random numbers and places the paper in the school's time capsule. Flash forward to fifty years later, a nine-year old Caleb Koestler played by Chandler Canterbury and his class open up the time capsule, and Lucinda's paper is found in his hands.

When he shows the paper to his widowed father John played by Nicolas Cage , an astrophysics professor at Massachutes Institute of Technology, John believes the numbers are enigmatic codes to disasters occurring around the globe. Enlisting the help of Lucinda's daughter Diana played by Rose Byrne and granddaughter Abby also played by Lara Robinson , John must encrypt the message of what seems to be a sign of a global catastrophic event.

Some may question whether Alex Proyas is trying to deliver a cautionary tale about an apocalyptic prophecy or is pinning viewers with complex ideas of science and religious theology. Both are more than likely doubtful, especially when the plot shows little respect for the laws of science to begin with.

Nonetheless, it keeps things deeply eerie and grim in terms of storytelling and tone, almost bordering the line of a psychological horror thriller. Caleb and Abby are children who are haunted by mysterious entities, resembling the alien creatures from 'Dark City', who introduce them to terrifying visions of the world facing mass destruction, an eerie, yet shocking concept that is placed with sweet visual spark in one scene where the former looks out his window and sees the forest engulfed in flames.

The main protagonist in the story however, is John Koestler who is infused with a performance by Nicolas Cage that can only be described as acceptable, but not bad. When Koestler learns of the terrifying secrets behind Lucinda's prophetic message, that is when the story kicks into gear, allowing Proyas to experiment with his engaging concepts. His attempts at breathing life into his ideas are mostly successful and set room for some visually electrifying sequences such as devastating plane crash that leaves several victims flailing in flames and a subway crash that racks up an enormous death toll.

However, the third act, which is predictable and sets up with heavy emotional sigma, is a little absurd; especially if how unrealistic the characters behave to such an unnerving situation that is on the horizon. Shouldn't they be more terrified? On the bright side, the audience is blessed with a riveting score by Marco Beltrami to settle the tone. Knowing is a compelling doomsday-themed piece with a chock of interesting ideas of science and religion put into play, and a surprisingly enthralling execution by Alex Proyas who brings his powerful visual grandeur to the game.

It is a flawed picture with an execution may have a few scars, but not enough to make it a sore to sit through. Don't expect it to be anything revolutionary. FAQ Is 'Knowing' based on a book? Is there an ancient document that predicts a doomsday date?

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