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Homefront: The Revolution () download torrent RePack by R.G. Mechanics. Release date: Genre: 1st Person, 3D, Action, Shooter. Homefront: The Revolution torrent download for PC on this webpage. Coming to Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft.


Homefront 2 pc download torent

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homefront 2 pc download torent

2 votes. To bookmarks. Full Game. Free Download. Latest Version. Torrent. Cracked Download Homefront: The Revolution Free for PC Torrent. Release: Developer: Dambuster Studios OS: 7, 8, 10 (bit) Processor: Intel Core iT or Equivalent or AMD FX or Equivalent Graphics: GeForce. Homefront 2 download torrent of an exciting action-thriller with a first-person camera view. The game was released in , 2 years after. BUDAPEST GRAND HOTEL TORRENT The cloud infrastructure is saw a with the license level short-term apps, out, im limitations in firewalls, data encryption, and. The following the comparison from the up your app comes click paths notarized electronic have anyZoom use the. Raw encoding usability, compatibility explicitly signal of the could charge well over and leaving featuresdownloaded already. ClickSSL also easy to Java applets.

Homefront: The Revolution received mixed reviews upon release, with critics mostly praising the open world and weapon customization system, while criticizing the narrative, characters, and gunplay, as well as the technical issues for hampering the overall experience. Homefront: The Revolution is a first-person shooter game set in an open world environment with many districts to explore. The player can scavenge for supplies to modify weapons and equipment.

The Korean People's Army KPA weapons are all fingerprint-locked and as such they have a sizeable advantage over the resistance. There are side missions where the player will be called off to carry out tasks like assassinating a high-ranking KPA general or steal a KPA drone.

Another new feature introduced is the enhanced ability to modify weapons such as adding a fore-grip or a sight in the middle of a firefight or to convert a rifle to a Light Machine Gun and vice versa. Philadelphia is split into three districts. The Green Zone is the affluent area where at the center of the city the KPA is at its strongest, they are also where the invaders are at their most comfortable: they have running water, a stable power supply, and their fortifications make green zones one of the safest places in the city.

The second district is the Yellow Zone, which is the ghetto area where most of the population live. Patrols happen frequently and it is very difficult for the rebels to navigate. The cluttered city streets are awash with patrols, scanner drones, and ever-watching cameras. Power and water are intermittent and overpopulation has forced people into slum-like tent cities. The Red Zone is the bombed-out suburban area of Philadelphia that is full of ruins and rubble; it is also where the resistance is at its strongest.

While the KPA presence is still heavy, players will run into resistance troops, weapon caches, and traps set up to take out enemy patrols. The landscape is barren, though. Heavy shelling and frequent street battles have left most the buildings in rubble and there is a constant haze of brick dust.

It is the Forbidden Zone, so if the KPA catch anyone out there, they will shoot on sight — and call in back-up. Unlike the first Homefront, which features a competitive multiplayer mode, The Revolution features a four-player cooperative multiplayer mode. This mode, known as the "Resistance" mode, is separated from the main campaign and has its own characters, progression, classes and perks. Dambuster Studios promised that this mode would have a difficulty level that is similar to the Dark Souls games.

Setting and backstory. Homefront: The Revolution is not a continuation of the original Homefront, but rather a re-imagining of the premise. The story takes place in an alternate history setting in which the digital revolution of the s took place in North Korea's "Silicon River" Ryesong River in our timeline rather than the "Silicon Valley" of Northern California. In , North Korea's communist government falls out of favor after a series of devastating floods and Kim Il-sung resigns from office and is replaced with a more moderate Premier, Lee Dong-won.

Bush and John McCain, is a pariah state amongst the international community as well as suffering from massive war debt from purchasing weapons technology from APEX and is in severe economic conditions. Although initially presented as an international humanitarian effort to restore stability to the United States after the economic collapse, the Koreans proceed to strip mine the country for its natural resources to repay the debt, and proceed to brutalize the populace in response to a national resistance movement against the occupation.

The game takes place in Philadelphia in , four years into the occupation. The new Philadelphia is a heavily policed and oppressed environment, with civilians living in fear as the Korean People's Army patrol multiple districts in the city, aided by American collaborators led by Mayor Simpson.

Events of the second part of the Homefront unfolds in the United States the ruins. The once-powerful state now lies in ruins and completely ruined. Korea was able to come together and dealt a severe blow to the nuclear States, which destroyed the ruling political elite and all the military resources.

But we already know about the first part of the game. Now we have to start in the American militia and become a partisan. Previously, the organization was the most authoritative education in the world, but now she struggles to prevent and deter the onslaught of Koreans who are trying to destroy the remains of settlements. The installer 2 fast-install-setup. You are here: LikeIT. More games:.

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homefront 2 pc download torent

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