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altersempfehlung tintenherz torrent

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I've long thought that The Tonight Show was ruined the moment Carson left and a host of equal caliber wasn't brought in to fill the seat I was a proponent of Steve Martin taking the job at the time, but since there was no internet back then I couldn't start a poll. Jay Leno never felt like an institution to me, rather some nice unfortunately unfunny guy who sort of stumbled upward. Sure, he's guest-hosted for five years, but he still didn't command the presence that The Tonight Show had demanded by the time Carson retired.

Of course, in the Tonight Show name doesn't mean crap and it was perfectly logical to let Conan O'Brien take it over instead of doing a search for another host with an estimable stature no offense to Conan, loved him on Late Night. That's not the route NBC took, though They chose Conan, and they should be forced to keep raising that baby from its infancy at least into its adolescence. Who would you have liked to have seen besides Conan?

Genuine question, because I really can't think of anyone with "an estimable stature" that would have worked well. I'm not sure I'm even qualified to comment on this though, because I'm still in denial that I live in a world where anyone likes Jay Leno. That's a good question. Steve Martin in would've been a good Carson successor, but Steve Martin in wouldn't have necessarily been a great Leno successor. Clooney would probably be the perfect model of a host, but he doesn't even like being booked on late night shows.

Same here. I think what the NBC execs are doing is really stupid, but what do I know? I never would have thought Jay fucking Leno could ever consistently beat Letterman in ratings, either. I'm not a huge Letterman fan, but the fact that millions of people would voluntarily tune in to Leno night after night is baffling to me.

Z S , Wednesday, 13 January twelve years ago link. This is bloodsport. My insiders say O'Brien's reps didn't want him to do it. They told him it would undercut his negotiating leverage," one source revealed to me. He wanted to make it. He began to cry," one of my insiders reveals. That's an amazing thing. An amazing thing. But he takes very seriously the fact that The Tonight Show baton was passed to him. Man, it was just ballsy. It's just the way I hoped it would be.

I was MIA when all this started. Was Conan's show having low ratings? If not then why wouldn't the network just drop the show with the lowest ratings? Shakey Mo Collier , Wednesday, 13 January twelve years ago link. With Stewart and Colbert as his lead-in it would be a devastating lineup :ninja:. If any cable network could bring him and his audience over, it would probably be Comedy Central.

Conan's show would probably still be down anyway because he's new to a lot of people, but having Leno on at 10 is making people change the channel and then not come back when Conan starts. So they tried to keep him in house. I wonder if the move to 10 has made America realize just how fucking lame Leno is, and whether he'll be unable to gather ratings again. The saddest part of the whole story is just how bad Conan's show is now. It was in pretty steep decline after Richter left, so I had hopes that bringing him back would revive the show, but for some reason they refuse to move him back to the couch.

Actually, he's been hanging on the couch lately during the interview portions. He still does the announcing and host-announcer interplay from the podium, though. I dunno, I figured the years would have made America realize how fucking lame he is, but I was wrong. Conan's reverence for the Tonight Show "franchise" is sweet but probably a bit misplaced at this point. Was gonna say that maybe Conan doesn't want to be the guy on whose watch the Tonight Show franchise died.

But in thinking it over, Letterman's right. That O'Brien is a smart young fellow. Talking to television critics over the weekend, Jerry Seinfeld was more cautious, saying about the 10 p. Man, the amount of NBC asskissing Seinfeld in that last sentence is extreme enough to lend weight to the theories that Seinfeld is a serious contender for the spot.

But that isn't the way it happened, is it? It certainly doesn't match my vague memory of how things unfolded, and it isn't consistent with Letterman's obvious sympathy for O'Brien. The 'franchises' don't really have any value, do they? The Tonight Show under Carson did, but that's because he was a year fixture, and the only game in town for much of that how many people can name the two pre-Carson Tonight Show hosts? Since he retired, the shows have all been identified with their host - it was the Leno show or the Letterman show or the Conan show.

Franchise implies that something unique about each show has survived through multiple hosts. I don't think Conan's doing Carnac bits, is he? And much of Letterman's bitterness stems from the fact that he thought he deserved the tonight show when Carson left.

Yeah, I don't if the average person under 35 could tell you it was Steve Allen and Jack Paar, but I've been strangely transfixed by the Tonight Show's history since I started watching Carson at the age of 8 or so. Leno cut its balls off. Which, considering that he was the only other person on television aside from Ted Koppel who had built a successful late-night brand at the time, he was probably correct about.

The difference between Carson and Letterman is that Carson had a lot of friends who could stop in and Letterman probably doesn't even have any friends. Blago: I've always wanted to be on your show in the worst way. Letterman: Well, you are here in the worst way.

Jay'd do that job 5 nights a week with no guests hosts until the day he dropped dead if they let him. Steve Allen was the first Tonight Show host. He came up with a lot of the bits that have become standard late night fare like Stump the Band and Man in the Street interviews.

A lot of Letterman's Late Night routines were like Allen's but with more snark. Here's a clip of Allen just screwing around on set. Jack Parr came after Allen; unfortunately, there aren't many clips of Paar on Tonight. By all accounts, Paar was emotional, prickly, self-absorbed and could be a bit of a dick, but he was compulsively watchable since you never knew WTF might happen when he was on air. He famously walked off the show when NBC censored one of his comedy bits.

Paar is the one who really started to build the Tonight Show franchise. All of this went down before Leno taped today, so I'm at least tuning in to see what he has to say. As you can see, we Americans take our empty forms very seriously. Personally as well, if sentiments posted at various message boards are reliable guides.

People are choosing sides in this thing. And like that PR blitz, the current late night battle carries roughly the same meaning and magnitude. What else are powerless people gonna invest their energy in? I don't think I have the stomach to tune into Leno But it kind of pisses me off the way NBC are treating him like some kid with a lemonade stand.

I don't love the guy but the show was settling into a groove at least. He was good and bitter tonight, but I was largely unimpressed with how it was expressed via jokes. He's been better at it last Friday and on Monday. Kimmel's monologue as Jay Leno was pretty entertainingly awful. I mean, on purpose. Repartee with his sax player and everything. O'Brien has been and can be funny, but not nearly often enough.

The payoff to that whole Howie Mandel bit last night was lame, and then he talks with the droney bore that is Brokaw. You're not going to believe this, but some people are out of work. Lots of them even have kids. Maybe with the help of Dennis Perrin we can all refocus our energy on something important, like talking about when Saturday Night Live was funny. Cavett aimed at much narrower tastes. This brings to mind a recent conversation I had with Wilder in this very living room.

He is a master of acerbic put-downs who has little time for TV pseudostars, and when I mentioned the name of Carson I expected Wilder to dismiss him with a mordant one-liner. What he actually said surprised me. It evolved in the form of a speech.

He is the Valium and the Nembutal of a nation. No matter what kind of dead-asses are on the show, he has to make them funny and exciting. He has to be their nurse and their surgeon. He has no conceit. He does his work and he comes prepared. Even his rehearsed routines sound improvised. No rewrites.

No retakes. The jokes must work tonight. He was very graceful and skilled at what he did; I justr didn't think much of the "content. NBC executives have quietly complained for at least a month that Mr. NBC has also made it clear that it does not believe it breached Mr.

The counterargument from Mr. NBC has farmed out all their intelligent programming talent to their cable ownings Bravo, USA while forgetting that the flagship is in the worst shape its ever been. If I were a stockholder, I'd be demanding a pound of flesh. It looks like Conan made his decision regardless of the contract. It looks like he could care less about the contract- he just doesn't want to be pushed back.

What would Conan need to do to "broaden his appeal"? He's already sanded off the edges of his old show to fit in better with the timeslot. That was mistake 1. Let the people come to you, don't condescend to the people. The best thing he could do, especially now that he might only be on NBC for another couple weeks, is to go off the rails and do the show like he did during the writers strike which resulted in some of his best television ever.

NBC just seemed to completely give up when Friends ended, but the cracks were starting even before that. I've noticed that Andy the jolly fat guy has actually been moved over to the couch for the bulk of the show now, which is a good move. ABC has generally been the "third" network except when they had so many hits in the late '70s and '80s.

ABC seems to be less of a mess than in the recent past, but I still think of them as the hanger-on network. All the nets seem equally ossified. They're trying to serve broad audiences when the traditional entertainment audience has atomized, all mostly watching their own thing on cable channels. A knowledgeable friend of mine was going on-and-on this weekend about the coming all-choice, all-streaming model for television.

Essentially, viewers would pay to subscribe to certain shows, which is how shows would be funded rather than now, when shows are funded by a network's ad revenue. That model, if it's really coming and to some extent it's already here , would fundamentally change TV and networks, which might not survive in that new environment. Que , Wednesday, 13 January twelve years ago link. I think I am well apprised of the salient facts now in this torrid Jay vs.

Conan affair. All I am missing is a reason why i should care. I didn't realize we were getting all pedantic, he was a late night host that was reasonably popular and had a cultural impact at one point. I mean, far more so that fucking Wanda Sykes or George Lopez. NBC isn't pulling the rug out from Conan because they had unrealistic expectations he couldn't meet, they doomed him from the start by giving Leno's audience a new Leno show to watch instead of giving them the motivation to try out Conan.

Of that crew, Romano might be great, Reiser would deserve a nightly cock-punching, Carey would likely be quite watchable esp. Kevin James has professional stand-up experience, and probably would be a pretty engaging and normal interviewer. Actually, he is probably too successful now making movies that I will never ever watch. He seems like a nice, reasonably funny guy. I can watch King of Queens reruns, if desperate. Sometimes Patton Oswalt is on it. But I don't see him as having a late-night personality.

Haircare , Thursday, 14 January twelve years ago link. I thought that too but Shakey Mo Collier , Thursday, 14 January twelve years ago link. Iron Man 2 post-production Senator Stern I think he would've aged better without the botox or whatever. Being vain enough to get botox almost implies he thought he WAS good-looking at some point. Celebrity does weird things to people's heads.

I dislike vanity-motivated cosmetic surgery of any sort. I realize I have a minority-opinion on this. Ok is there anything that Leno can possibly do at this point, anything in the world that would make him seem like a decent human being which I mostly rather suspect that he is besides quit as well? He can't need the money. Leno could leave, as he's already been officially canceled. Cue Darth Vader march. This is sad, but I rest comfortably knowing that he'll show up on Fox before long and Jeff Zucker and his crew of morons will be out on the street soon enough.

Alyssa Milano is on team Conan. Benjamin McKenzie told Extra he was "glad" Leno's 10 p. Carson had preferred Letterman. Rather than retire last year, Leno took the 10 p. That proved to be true, with NBC announcing last weekend it was pulling the plug on Leno's prime-time disaster and giving him back his p. Godzilla vs. Mothra size battle looming. And while Jeff Zucker has not stepped up and taken responsibility for this mess he set in in motion in the first place -- by replacing Leno with Conan O'Brien as host of The Tonight Show even though Jay was No.

I've already reported how Zucker has been privately blaming Conan for the current debacle, saying "He let me down" because The Tonight Show for the last 7 months since O'Brien took over has been losing out to David Letterman in both eyeballs and advertiser-coveted demographics.

Bullshit, Zucker, you can't keep blaming others for your Zuck-ups. Bad enough that Zucker made Conan hear about the planned move in the first place from the media. To counter O'Brien's principled public statement which the late night host issued this week, Zucker "is threatening to ice Conan", according to his reps. What I really think Zucker wants is to hold him off the market for at least six months to a year until the dust settles and Leno is secure and Conan is squelched.

Zucker's hardline stance became evident during that PM Tuesday meeting at NBC Universal this week shortly after Conan issued his statement of defiance. For them, this kind of mano-a-mano negotiation is bloodsport.

But even they were shocked by Zucker's scheming. The contract is not clearly expressed and they are misinterpreting it," one of my sources related. There's been a proposal, and a counter-proposal. This will end up in front of a judge if someone [at NBCU] doesn't wise up.

It made Zucker furious. O'Brien's reps didn't want O'Brien to speak out. While Leno hasn't received a similar bump, Conan's number went up to 1. Certainly, that has to give NBC pause, right? Apparently not. As for Conan, if he's released, he wants to ensure his executive producer Jeff Ross and other staff who moved out from New York to Los Angeles "are taken care of".

As for himself, "he's not thinking about strategy. He's saying, "I just want enough money to feed my family. Even money odds on Ari Emanuel and Gavin Palone winning this. Think it's been awhile since they feasted on souls. Conan at 10 on Comedy Central and Leno riding the Titanic Tonight to the bottom of the ocean is my best-case scenario here. Just playing devil's advocate, but could Leno make the same argument that his ratings suck because of weak lead-ins?

The NBC schedule in general is very poor shape, most of his lead-ins had low ratings. Apparently, that's up for debate too which I didn't realize. All the statements I've ever read from Leno make it clear he wanted to retire, and then as got closer he began having second thoughts. Re: Conan and Leno 5 years ago, that sounds about right. I think NBC was a little afraid of losing Conan to FOX back then, maybe, but Leno definitely made public statements about wanting to retire, spend time with his wife, etc.

It wasn't until about two years ago or so that Leno waffled - who knows what made him change his mind? When he got the 10 PM show this year, the word was that NBC was suddenly afraid of losing Leno to another network - it looks like that continues to be their priority. I think what happened was that Conan was getting restless back in -- Leno had just signed the five-year contract that kept him at The Tonight Show until -- and so NBC, wanting to keep Conan around, pushed Leno to take a "voluntary" retirement once his contract was up.

Lots of backstage details in this article from NBC was doing good in '04 as well, which made sense to want to try something new - i'm not sure they expected in just a few years to lose out in primetime so badly to ABC Lost, Grey's, Housewives, etc. Don't think any of this would've occurred if Leno wasn't their only ratings success in As we first reported, under the contract Jay had been working under, he was guaranteed the 10 PM hour.

By moving him to , NBC was in breach of his contract and needed to negotiate a new deal. That is now done, sources tell TMZ. I wonder if he had to hide in a closet to get this deal like he did when he stabbed Letterman in the back. I thought those stories popping up today about Leno threatening to leave NBC altogether because this situation made him look like a bad guy were pretty suspicious Que , Thursday, 14 January twelve years ago link.

Our town sits in a valley and enjoys an unquiet peace throughout the year. A spectre haunts us, and has for generations, yea unto the generations of our uncles, who are gettin on in years. That man, they say How are you? I am fine. Currently I am waiting for a long-running process to fail so I can figure out what's wrong with it. It's really boring. I wish I had a pony. Talk to you later and have a good day! I wish they had a black-box rating system in every home where you could push a 'don't like' button that would send an electric shock directly to Jay.

Claims may only be submitted using procedures details in X: appendix. Jay Leno is an asshole. Dave invites Conan on. Oh, Dave! How naughty and brilliant! Dave -- who knows first-hand what it's like to be treated badly by NBC and Leno -- hasn't reached out to Conan directly, but his staff has contacted Conan's people letting them know about the open invitation.

I hope Conan books it, and they spend an entire commercial-free 60 minutes tearing Leno limb from limb. This is really OTM. The NBC 10pm-midnight lineup has always been basically about easing people into a state of minimal consciousness and riding that out for as long as possible for ratings purposes.

You can't change the channel if you're asleep. I've long been fascinated by late night shows and stand-up comedians in a way that other people care about soaps or baseball. I look forward to Conan's inevitable Fox late night show. A guy got a new job 2. Someone else was promoted into his old position 3. The guy's new job was an abject failure 4. So they offered him a chance to return to something like his old position 5.

The person who'd been promoted into the old position was then threatened with demotion until he resigned 6. So the guy got his exact original job back 7. The third guy down the line gets a surprise promotion 8. I will never get any of my old jobs back based on sucking at the new ones, plus now the only late-night I'll want to watch is Ferguson. Remember what put Leno on top? It was the interview with Hugh Grant after the arrest.

David Letterman having Conan O'Brien on would essentially cement him at the top of late night rating from now until he decides to leave if it were to happen. I can hardly wait. On January 14, , after making an idiotic executive decision to bump Conan O'Brien out of his Tonight Show slot, the gates of hell opened wide and sucked Jerry Zucker inside, dooming him forever to a life of eternal torment for his immense stupidity.

Zucker committed [[suicide]] on [[January 14, ]]. He was found in his office by his secretary with a gunshot shot wound in his head and gun right next to him. A note was left on his desk indicating that reason for the suicide was because he "could not make a choice between [[Conan O'Brien]] and [[Jay Leno]].

During an autopsy the [[coroner]] found a gerbil in logged within his rectum. So the guy got his exact original job back. Fallon gets a promotion in the sense that Conan's departure would mean that only Leno would be ahead of him in the schedule instead of both Leno and Conan , but in the sense that the timeslot would be exactly the same, it's not really a promotion at all. I actually think it was because Leno told OJ jokes as soon as that story broke, whereas Letterman refused to "Double homicides just don't crack me up the way they used to".

The Grant interview helped, but I always thought Leno rose to the top because he's sooooo middlebrow, unthreatening and edgeless. No, that was it. Leno beat Letterman that night, and never slipped to 2 for something crazy like 8 years afterwards. I don't know anyone who likes Leno.

He could get this done, so NBC used him," a source just told me. He got everybody to talk to everybody. But there are still some terms to be worked out -- which is why there hasn't been any announcement yet. He's being stubborn," a Team Conan insider just told me. Stay tuned. According to my insiders, Team Conan is denying the reports. But O'Brien's reps acknowledge: "It's a very fluid situation".

NBC can see that. At a. Conan has finished 1 or tied for 1 among broadcast networks in adult rating for nine of the last 11 weeks. Yes, that makes a lot of sense -- in Zuckerland. I was trying to figure out who he reminded me of, but completely overlooked W. That's a good thing, I guess? I'm all in favor of bad leaders ruining TV and not country. It's a good trade! Dear Fox News, Thanking you. I do know some dumb people who find Letterman completely strange and unfunny and thus I assume go with Leno sometimes.

Though I hear it's a nice place, it wouldn't be the time to go. Am I correct? I mean I appreciate a bit of levity in even the grimmest situations, rosie o'donnell asked at TCA if shed like a late night show: "That question today is like asking if I want to vacation in Haiti Howard played the Rosie O'Donnell audio where she talked about doing Leno a few years ago. She explained how Brandon Tartikof asked her to host Friday nights on the Tonight Show and she was thrilled to go out and do it.

She said that Jay didn't have great ratings when he first started out. She said that Brandon called her after they tried to work out the deal and told her that Jay doesn't want to take that one day off. Rosie said she didn't know why he wouldn't let her do one day. She wondered if Jay was afraid of losing the show. Howard said that's exactly what it was.

Rosie went on to talk about how she got a call from Jay and he told her he never would have had them ask her to do the show if he had known about it. She said he was apologizing to her for the whole thing. Rosie said she didn't do the show for years and years after that. Howard said this sounded similar to what happened with him and Jay. Rosie went on to talk about how Jay is holding on to this thing so desperately. She said that Conan worked for NBC for 17 years and now Jay is doing this to him and taking that show back from her.

Rosie said that Jay's 10pm show was pathetically lame and Conan would have been fine if he had a better lead in. Howard said she's right about that too. Howard said he would sit down with Conan and not even goof around with him. He said he would have a serious discussion with him about this whole thing.

Rosie was talking about how robotic Jay Leno is and how Conan is trying to do new things on his show. She said that Conan deserves to be given a chance on that show. Rosie said that they should have told Jay to go find something to do instead of taking this chance away from Conan. Rosie said it's really shitty of Jay to do this to Conan. Howard said comedians really hate Jay.

He said he likes this whole thing. He said he doesn't feel so alone in his hatred of Jay now. Rosie was saying that she hopes that Conan makes NBC pay for this whole thing and takes them for all he can. He said Conan is getting canned and his whole career could be over for this thing. Robin wondered where Jay was and if he was hiding so he doesn't have to hear this. Howard said this stuff just rolls off of Jay's giant head. Rosie was doing her impression of Jay and goofing on him on her show.

She said that Jay doesn't even see why this is wrong and he should just let go of the tow rope. She said he's desperately holding on to it. Howard said this all reminds him of what Jay did with Stuttering John and how he didn't care about stealing someone from his show behind his back.

Howard said he wouldn't have stood in the way if John wanted the job but Jay went behind his back and did it. He does everything sneaky and wants everyone to be his friend. Rosie was talking about how Jay had a good lead in for his Tonight Show and that's why he was doing so well. She said that Conan never had that chance because his lead in was Jay Leno's awful show. Rosie said that the idiots at NBC let Leno stay and they ruined it.

Rosie also pointed out that Leno does a lot of lame bits and he steals many of them from Howard Stern. Howard said she's right about that too and Jay has stolen bits from his show. Jay Walking is one of the bits he stole. Howard said Jay claims that Steve Allen did those bits and that's where they got them from. Howard said he told Jay that's not the case and he knows that he stole them.

He said Jay is a creep and he would never do anything to help him. Howard said if he agrees to go on Conan next week they'll either fire Conan or they'll tell him not to come. He said he should bring Rosie and Patton Oswalt on with him when he goes on. He can bring on Sandra Bernhard on so she can talk about Jay Leno tying her up and stuff like that. Rosie was talking about Jay stealing Howard's bits and how lame Jay is. She said that he's 60 years old and he should have learned it by now that everyone has to retire.

She said that maybe everyone but Madonna and Oprah Winfrey have to retire. Howard said Jay is a scumbag and he agrees with Rosie on most of that stuff. He said part of him says that Conan should have been able to get the ratings but then he does agree that the lead in is very important. Robin said that Conan came into an environment that was different than everyone else.

She said that he had a tougher time with the lead in than anyone else. Robin said the whole thing started with shenanigans because Conan was saying he had to have the Tonight Show. She said that's fine because Jay stole the show from someone else too. Howard said if Conan did the show in New York he'd be there in a minute. He said that he appreciates Conan offering him the chance to come on. He's thinking about doing it but he's not sure if he will. Howard said he'd like to go on and talk to Conan seriously about the situation.

He said he wants to know if any of the executives are talking to him or not. He said that Conan should do this on his own show and get it out there. Howard said he wants to know who told him this and who fired him. He said he'd like to know who the point guy was in the whole thing. Howard said he would ask Conan about how he feels about Jay for real.

He said he had a brilliant line about him in a monologue from last night he thinks. He said Conan said that his dream as a kid was to host the Tonight Show and said something about the 7 months he had to host it. JD had come in with some information about the Conan clips.

Howard said he got some email about JD going out with Ashley Dupre and one person said that JD is too good for Ashley and he shouldn't be so worried about this date. Howard said JD could dress a little better than he usually does though. Howard played the Conan joke where he says his dream was to host the Tonight Show when he was a kid.

Conan says he thought about hosting the show for his whole life. Conan said kids can do anything they want to do in life Howard said that's funny but it's not enough. He said he should really tell everyone how he feels. Howard said if he were Conan he would sit down on a stool and tell everyone what's going on. He said they should throw out the format and just sit down and talk. Howard said they should interview the lawyer who didn't put in the time slot he was supposed to be in. They left that out of his contract.

Howard said he'd love to do the show but he doesn't want to fly. Robin said they should drive. Howard said if she goes with him then he'll drive. Howard said someone suggested a satellite link but that always turns out lame. He said he wants to sit down with Conan and look him in the eye. He said he wants to talk to Andy about being a jinx on the show too. Howard said he'll run to Andy an pink belly him to watch his tits flop around.

Howard said he's predicted that Stuttering John will continue to have a job with Jay. He said Jay will keep him around because of everything that went down with them. Howard played more of the Conan stuff and Conan was doing his Jay impression. Conan also joked about how 83 percent of voters in a poll said they want him to stay on at Howard said he wants him to stay and he doesn't even watch that shit.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that he has to go on the show. He said he should get a Jay Leno look alike and bring him out. Howard said he wants to have a real conversation with Conan and not just goof around. Robin said this would be TV history if he went out and did that. Howard said he's not even sure if the show would get on the air.

He said he was escorted off the Arsenio Hall show one time and he doesn't think he could take that again. Howard talked about that incident and how awful that was. He was escorted out by two armed guards. If Conan goes to Comedy Central or Fox, will Leno be vindictive and bar anyone from appearing on his show if they do Conan?

I read something today that makes a lot of great points about Conan going to Fox. He'll start at 11, and therefore get a jump on the audience Jay might attract. Also, he'll have the easiest access to American Idol contestants, stars of 24, etc. Even better, people with films and albums to push would rather do an 11pm show than an pm show to hit more eyeballs.

The only thing standing in the way right now is convincing all of Fox's affiliates to turn their signals back over to corporate at Leno: Besides impersonating me, what's worst idea writers have ever pitched you? Kimmel: Actually, that was my idea. Kimmel's is too reliant on props. It's the high-pitched voice that puts you over the top.

Referring to the pointed jokes made this week by Mr. Ratings for Mr. But the change NBC decided on was to reinstate Mr. Leno at each weeknight and nudge Mr. Since then, the two sides have been in intense negotiations to settle Mr.

While no deal was expected Thursday night, one executive who has been connected to the talks said an agreement by Friday was possible. Separately, NBC announced on Thursday changes to its 10 p. Ebersol chided Mr. They have previously defended the performance of the show, saying seven months was not a fair shot for Mr.

Leno had much lower lead-in audiences than Mr. Letterman got at CBS and yet he always won in the ratings. Ebersol said. Zucker and Mr. Leno across the late-night shows. Leno in his monologue, though the most ferocious attacks came from a seeming bystander, Mr.

Ebersol said Mr. Leno had not pushed for any of the changes, not the original decision to guarantee Mr. Leno in prime time. Ebersol said, referring to Mr. Leno dominated the late-night ratings since the mids, rarely losing even a night to Mr. But NBC faced a dilemma in when Mr. To prevent that — because Mr. Zucker and others concluded Mr. The recent proposed shift to a later time slot has resulted in a surge of sympathy for Mr. And his ratings seem to be growing. While overnight household ratings showed Mr.

Letterman still ahead on Wednesday, Mr. Letterman had a 3. He climbed to a 1. But if Mr. Letterman was roaring Wednesday night, unleashing a torrent of biting commentary about NBC, and digging into his apparent lingering bitterness about how it threw him over for Mr. Leno in the early s. In his monologue, Mr. Letterman dealt slams on Mr. Letterman also made several references to an incident from that period when Mr.

Leno had secretly listened in on an NBC executive meeting from a closet. If it is, then I have to give Leno credit for allowing himself to be television's biggest punching bag. I've thought about this. It does seem suspicious that so many valuable network TV properties could be so mismanaged and everyone making public remarks left and right. Still havent watched late night tv in over ten years. These guys are all pretty knowledgeable about how to get eyeballs on their shows, but I think there's definitely an anti-Leno sentiment that runs throughout the entire comedy world that's finally going public.

I'm pretty sure Kimmel squeezed that last part in, though. That was the only part that seemed to catch Leno off guard. Only thing I thought was strange is that he was dominating his conversation with Rob Lowe to an embarrassing degree, pouncing on everything the dude said as an excuse for some defensive-sounding joke or rubber-faced riff.

That's how Conan interviews almost everyone. I knew about the "high-strung nervousness" thing with O'Brien, but it seems worse now? Fallon is like the child who keeps on non-nonchalantly playing with his toys when his parents start bickering and fighting. OTM, though Tiger Woods really did cheat with all those women so golf could be a bit more dramatic for the non-fan.

You can kind of tell that Conan feels humiliated and watching him try to play the jovial clown through this is embarrassing. This is the chance of a lifetime to own your very own late night talk show -- guaranteed to last for up to seven months! Really must see to appreciate.

It's just been brought to my attention that, while they were Harvard undergraduates, Jeff Zucker '86 called the cops on Conan O'Brien ' I never saw previous reports about this. According to articles in both the Harvard Crimson and Yale Daily News, Zucker, then president of the university's Harvard Crimson daily newspaper, dispatched the police to the Harvard Lampoon office after O'Brien, who was president of the campus humor magazine, organized a prank on his college rival -- stealing an entire print run of the Crimson before it could be distributed.

Like someone said above, not at the level of Jon Stewart's appearance on Crossfire , but a worthy addition to that line of guest appearances. Never quite understood the reverence for Stewart on that, as he talks respectfully to shitbags like John Bolton, Huckabee, Joe Biden all the time -- guys who actually govern, unlike Tucker Nobody.

It was gutsy, especially in that environment on his own show, he has a gaggle of supporters in the audience. And he was extraordinarily clearheaded and articulate about the whole thing. And he shamed and embarrassed the Crossfire hosts in a way no one could have expected. Either go back to work and keep my staff employed or stay dark and allow 80 people, many of whom have worked for me for 14 years, to lose their jobs. If my show were entirely scripted I would have no choice.

But the truth is that shows like mine are hybrids, with both written and nonwritten content. Conan went out of his way to avoid scripted material on his show during the strike, whereas Leno seemingly unapologetically told the same shitty cue-card jokes. Que , Friday, 15 January twelve years ago link. A certain amount of bungling occurred but to say that Kimmel appearing on Leno's show and roasting him to his face defiantly and without Leno's approval over the interview script is pretty silly.

Like reality TV shows aren't pre-scripted which is basically what this whole thing is turning into. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if his own writers penned some of those bits. Half the questions Leno asks are basically 'please make fun of me now'. This is all for good ratings. Colby College staff get annoyed with Zucker back in Oh those carefree days of youth.

Exactly, all this is being milked as it happens. I do wonder if Conan showed his lawyers that letter before he released it But no, I dont think the whole thing is a massively orchestrated publicity stunt. I dont think the networks are that smart. Oh, yeah. I wonder how all this will translate, in terms of ratings, when Leno returns to The Tonight Show.

I think 'Not cashing in' is his version of cashing in. By getting crucified now he will later be reborn to them as the savior of the middlebrow lukewarm late night TV snoozefest. At least I feel like this is the strategy they NBC are taking. I expect that given five years, Conan will be watering himself down. Is he the only actor to have worked with both Robert Altman and the Olsen Twins? Has Eugene Levy ever? Bob Saget went from working with the Olsen Twins to make jokes about sucking cock for crack in a Dave Chappelle movie.

Conan was a dick to me once in a rather off-handed way in college, and I still think he's overrated. But Leno sucks so bad that this qualifies as good news. Conan was a dick to me once in a rather off-handed way in college Story? Conan does kind of seem like he might be a dick in real life, but he is at least exponentially funnier than Leno. Well, his writers are.

Without Andy to offset him, he's just an unfunny combination of pushy and whiny. He's the worst interviewer on TV, daytime TV included. Isn't Letterman supposedly a dick in real life too? Shouldn't we all start assuming if we haven't already that rich and famous people are dicks? Just to be on the safe side? Dude The McLaughlin Group is out there. Supposedly that guy was grilling Carole King about 50 Cent. It is all relative, dude. Compare Jaywalking to the Masturbating Bear, though.

This was all after he asked if she liked rap, if she liked hip-hop and then asked if she liked rap again. If that didn't work, in 5 years he could have just come back! Conan isn't "edgy," but he and his writers often present an amusing sort of absurd humor without the kind of Letterman-esque self-conscious "wackiness" that appeals to me.

Hey, if you like Hitlerboobs, be my guest. Conan isn't "edgy," but he and his writers often present an amusing sort of absurd humor Exactly. I agree, I like his sketches a lot more than his interviews, which are mostly about him anyway. You people would make a horrible porn site focus group. Maybe we should be. I haven't got a nationalist bone in me, but it was still kinda weird and cool hearing the Finnish national anthem in his show while he praised our wood industry and mocked Sweden.

Tea Leoni! MY EYE! With Jon Stewart, you get the sense that his modesty and self-deprecation are real. With Conan it seems like much more of a character that he's putting on. That doesn't make him any less funny though, even if he isn't as good of a 'real' interviewer. This is all theory for me though, as I haven't been able to get in network, much less cable, tv in over a year.

Okay, so when is ILE going to pool their finances to get me a production job on a talk show so I can implement this abhorrent-yet-wildly-entertaining show? Thanks to the underdog timeslot and pedigree people see "edge" and more important, 'funny' that isn't there in COnan's show, never has been except sporadically. Letterman isn't cool to watch anymore but he still OWNZ sp?

I turn off the Daily Show when it hits the interview portion. They're just painful, super-awkward and rarely funny. But Stewart can be very, very funny whenever he makes an off-the-cuff joke. His interviews with actors especially when they're on a similar wavelength can be as entertaining as the rest of the show. Painfully un-OTM.

This story seemed to debut not too long ago Who are the people who actually like Jay Leno?

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Activitate paranormala 4 download torent He said he doesn't feel so alone in his hatred of Jay now. Did anybody notice how Conan couldn't improvise with Will Ferrell? What's funny about Hicks is how overrepresented his torrent base was on the internet for such a long time. The Tonight Show under Carson did, but that's because he was a year fixture, and the only here in town for much of that how many people can name the two altersempfehlung tintenherz Tonight Show hosts? Braveheart - Benjamin McKenzie told Extra he was "glad" Leno's 10 p. Eptsoft Electronics Mechanics and Computing v9.
Altersempfehlung tintenherz torrent Giving him an occasional 1. Nov 10, Arras io testbed agario modded server, agar. Of course, when was the last big Eddie Murphy movie? Re: Conan and Leno 5 years ago, that sounds about right. Now that the sheen is wearing off Conan's Tonight Show, it's starting to seem a little slapped together. Chinese 2nd Edition Vol.
Altersempfehlung tintenherz torrent I only watch Conan sporadically but it doesn't really seem or feel substantially different from his original show to me? MP4 2. Apparently not. I dunno, I used to love Conan, but I think a big part of that altersempfehlung tintenherz torrent problem is Conan himself. I wasn't sure it was going to work as "" but by the time it was over I was fine with it. This round we had planty time to explore around, so i can had the chance to cross to the opposite of the riverbank to have a better view of Jeram Jurana Fall.
Altersempfehlung tintenherz torrent I feel so bad for NBC. Read article Late Night of and were remarkably different in tone, and I'd expect the Tonight Show of should he hold the seat that long will be remarkably different again. Insert Your Serial For Office 2k, auto install office. Reminds me of so you think you can dance or something. It's altersempfehlung tintenherz torrent I look back at my life and the only thing I can think of that stands out is how I stopped shitting my pants, graduated, moved out of the house, etc. NBC can see that. Since he retired, the shows have all been identified with their host - it was the Leno show or the Letterman show or the Conan show.
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Altersempfehlung tintenherz torrent Yeah, hold off on Ferguson for a second - Andy Richter is the I hope Conan books it, and they spend an entire commercial-free 60 minutes tearing Leno limb from limb. Crack Total Video Converter altersempfehlung tintenherz torrent. This actually might not be so bad of a thing now that I think about it. Have a great day and, for the record, I am truly sorry about my hair; it's always been that way. The only file wich is Ban Ban Vol.
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