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For our tour description, itinerary, past triplists, dates, fees, and more, please VISIT OUR TOUR PAGE. See this triplist in printable PDF. Birding in the southern Andes: from central Chile to Patagonia. Published by Albatross Birding & Nature Tours In Chile (contact AT torentt.site).


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We had excellent views of three of them. In the same place we saw Spotted-flanked Gallinule, various duck species, breeding pairs of Pied-billed Grebe, and lots and lots of coots. We continued our trip to a very nice place, where we had lunch and were looking for Chilean Seaside Cinclodes — we could see a pair of this endemic species. After visiting this wonderful place, we came back to Santiago. The main goal was looking for the Diameded Sandpiper Plover!

It is a specialty of Chile. We started having breakfast and birding at the same time. We were getting very good views of Crag Chilia and Moustached Turca, California quails, Black-winged ground-doves and Chilean flickers. We continued the trip by seeing Yellow-rumped siskins, Mourning Sierra-finches, Rufous-banded miners, Mountain parakeets and White-browed Ground-tyrants on a marsh beside to the road.

We visited a shrubed-place, where we saw the beautiful Sharp-billed canastero, and lots of toads and frogs. After getting good views of Yeso water reservoir we walked some minutes by a small stream and we found one Diameded Sandpiper Plover!

We spent some minutes with it, taking pictures, but we tried to avoid staying too much to avoid the disturbance. We also saw Crested duck and Yellow-rumped Siskin as well. Along the way we stopped once again to try to see some additional birds. We saw South-American snipes, Gray-breasted seedsnipes and White-browed ground-tyrants.

With all these species spotted we decided to go back to Santiago. Day 6 Patagonia Leader: Cristofer de la Rivera. I met the group on the second half of the tour. Together we started a Patagonian journey in Punta Arenas, where as soon as we touched the land and claimed our bags, went to Humedal 3 Puentes, the local wetland near the city and where we got our first lifers for the trip in the south: Flying-steamer Duck and White-rumped Sandpiper.

The same day in the afternoon, we drove on southern road from Punta Arenas to San Juan RIver to visit the Ruddy-headed Goose Reserve, a protected area with perfect landscape for nesting grounds. It was a two hours navigation with excellent weather conditions perhaps too good with no wind, so less birds flying , despite of that, Black-browed Albatross, a few Magellanic-diving Petrels, Magellanic Penguin and Two King Penguin were species that we have see.

After our arrival to Porvenir we went straight to salty lagoons to look for the scarce Magellanic Plover, a very important specie for this group! So we started looking over the rocky area where two were among Baird's Sandpiper, Rufous-chested Dotterel, Austral Canastero and Blue-and-white Swallows. At the end of the day I decided to visit one last lagoon 7 km away.

We were looking for the unique Hooded Grebe registered a few weeks earlier, and first time in 20 years in Tierra del Fuego. We were very happy because we had a very close encounter with this single individual among a group of Silvery Grebe. In the following days we visited the same lagoon twice and we didn't see it again. We had an excellent visit because we saw 84 adults and 10 chicks. On the road we have seen more fueguian steppe birds mixed with coastal ones: Chilean Skua, Short-billed Miner, Cinnamon-bellied Ground-tyrant, Black-chested Buzzard-eagle, just to mention some of the sightings that day.

We arrived to the King Penguin colony, and spent about an hour enjoying the views of these spectacular creatures. Day 9 On forth day, driving day, we had to cover long distances. Early in the morning we took the northern exit of the town Porvenir towards short ferry crossing called Punta Delgada.

Once in the continent we started to look for continental steppe birds, so it was time for Band-tailed Earthcreeper, Silver Teal, and the impressive Lesser Rhea, all of them in this shruby-flat ecosystem. We went through extense and vast steppes on our way to Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine. On the road we got great views of Least Seedsnipe and some Rufous-colared Sparrows.

Day 10 On fifth and last day of the tour, earlier than any other day, we started to drive heading towards the mountains. We visited two different sierras in the search of forest and high Andean species, plus the amazing views of the peaks of Torres del Paine. There are great views of glaciers!

We kept driving within the park stopping in different lagoons and lookouts, until we reach the lagoon with higher rush vegetation, the perfect ambient for the extremely shy Austral Rail. We set the playback equipment and the little bird started to call back just a few meters away from us! Sadly, after 30 min of trying to look for it in different places, it never showed up. Then we spent the second half of the day in Sierra Baguales, a higher sierra where we could drive through the valley and look for northern species that reach this latitude.

As soon as we got there we found the Patagonian Mockingbird, Grey-flanked Cinclodes and Sharp-billed Canastero, getting higher in a small pond we saw Red Shoveler, and Chilean Flamingo. The remaining number indicates the folio, folder, or page in that manuscript. For example, "A Belgian Hanks of noted rank incomplete MS Eng , ii, 56v" means that a partial extract, beginning with that line, will be found in volume ii, folio 56v of MS Eng However, some Houghton manuscripts are not foliated.

For loose leaves, the location of a verse within a manuscript cannot be specified. For bound but unfoliated manuscripts, Seng himself counted the foliation. This index includes manuscripts in the Library's collection that were cataloged at the time Peter Seng compiled it about The index has not been maintained. Compiled by: Peter J. Seng, This finding aid has been improved immeasurably by the diligent efforts of Katherine Chase and Diane Booton.

The difficult task of correcting call numbers in the original index was accomplished by Karen Nipps, Joseph Zajac, and Bonnie Salt. Skip to main content. Browse Repositories Collections Digital Materials. Citation There are no restrictions on physical access to this material. Collection is open for research. English-language manuscript verse in the Houghton Library circa ,. Collection Overview. Collection Inventory. Overview First-line index to English-language verse in manuscripts held in the Houghton Library that date from the Anglo-Saxon period to the nineteenth century.

Language of Materials Index is in English. Conditions Governing Access There are no restrictions on physical access to this material. Scope and Contents. How to use this index: Poems are cited by first line as it appears in the manuscripts as given as well as when it is incomplete and ends imperfectly.

Additional Description. Arrangement Organized in the following series: I. First line index; and II. Register of manuscripts. Immediate Source of Acquisition Manuscripts acquired from various sources at various times. Processing Information Compiled by: Peter J. Castlereagh's in fun houc MS Eng The worth of three kingdoms I defy incomplete houc MS Keats 3. She must not know my fate incomplete houc MS Eng Hurry o'er incomplete houc MS Keats 3.

Behold too lost to sense incomplete houc MS Eng It will pluck out all grey hair incomplete houc MS Eng , ch. I cannot say houc MS Eng , ch. Destruction reigns houc MS Eng , i, 36 All cannot rule, for many rulers bring incomplete houc MS Eng , 1v All compliance apart houc MS Eng , folder 5 All crimes are judged like fornication, while rich we're honest no doubt houc MS Eng Se C It is a doll dressed up houc MS Keats 3.

The why is plain as way to parish church incomplete houc MS Eng Is he not light of brain? Oh queen of love! You told me late your grief of loving incomplete houc MS Eng , ii, 60 Argue no more, you are but one incomplete houc MS Eng , ii, 39 Arise, dear youth, all charming and all good houc MS Eng , ii, Arise, eternal God of Hosts houc MS Eng , iii, 42 Arise, my fair one, to these wild scenes haste houc MS Eng , folder Arise, my muse, and take thy lyre houc MS Eng , 66v Arise, my muse, awake thy sleeping lyre houc MS Eng , 51v Arise, sweet messenger of the morn houc MS Eng , 69 Arms, trumpets, fearful Fragors yelling cries incomplete houc MS Eng , 16 Around, around, in ceaseless circles wheeling incomplete houc MS Eng , ch.

James says, show me thy faith houc MS Eng , Christmas carrols, , 25 As she lookit o'er her father's castle wa' houc MS Eng , ii, 25 As Sherlock at Temple was taking a boat houc MS Eng , As Sherlock was pleading for bribes and for pensions houc MS Eng , v As simple birds are caught in fowler's net incomplete houc MS Eng , i, v As sits the sad turtle alone on a spray houc MS Eng At midnight when the bear again houc MS Eng , 33v At midnight when the fever raged houc MS Eng F, 26 At my heart there is a pain houc MS Eng , 16v At my low cottage on a cheerful morn incomplete houc MS Eng , i, 16v At my queen's head shall my next thunder fly incomplete houc MS Eng , iii, 29v At night as round the hall we sat, with good brown bowls to cheer our souls houc MS Eng J Inhuman Pilate!

Farmer says the frost houc MS Eng , item 81, 2 But more the hollow sound the wild winds form incomplete houc MS Eng Madam, you're painted houc MS Keats 3. Good, if I may guess incomplete houc MS Keats 2. By your father's love I sue incomplete houc MS Keats 2. Miscellaneous Sonnets. I leave houc MS Eng I have known enough of thee houc MS Eng , 38 Farewell, vain world!

Fill'd with the first faint odor incomplete houc MS Eng , A. Landor, 1 Fool that I was! O never! I do thee wrong houc EC. This goblet sip houc MS Keats 3. They that think long, small expedition win incomplete houc MS Eng

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Follow Following Unfollow. Damian Pastircak. BUBO is the largest travel agency in Slovakia specializing in organizing guided adventure tours across six continents. Our clients choose to see and experience the world with BUBO to get a deeper understanding of the culture and land around them.

This is implied by our name — a Latin term for the European eagle-owl, associated with knowledge and wisdom. For over 25 years we have been organizing pioneer expeditions as well as fine-tuning our well-established portfolio, which currently offers journeys to countries. The U sign was used by the Aboriginal peoples as the symbol for a human, found in both primitive art and hunting sketches.

The sign could take on different forms and constellations. For example, the signs surrounding a circle denote people gathered around a fire ring. Several signs oriented in one direction symbolize a group of people. The indigenous people in more remote locations of our planet we visit during our travels still live in a precious symbiosis with nature, amidst their tribe and a large family.

They know that one individual on a hunt will solely succeed and come home with a catch. Success requires a group of equally avid co-hunters. Soundiron - Apocalypse Percussion Elements v1. In Session Audio - Riff Generation v1. Soundiron - Olympus Elements v1. Native Instruments - Kontakt 5.

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